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First Baptist Church Denbigh
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Christian Education 

Christian Education

The purpose of Christian Education at First Baptist Church Denbigh is to involve the administration and coordination of programs and strategies to facilitate the spiritual growth and discipleship of believers into Christ-likeness.

Chairperson: Millie Stephenson
Vice-Chairperson: Robert Archie 
Vice-Chairperson: Phyllis Archie


Adult Ministry
Our purpose is to enhance the spiritual growth of the church family through programs and planned activities and to educate as well as provide opportunitiess for adults to share and use their gifts and talents in service of the Lord.

Chairperson: Renee Ervin
Assistance: Deacon Ministry

Audio & Video Ministry
Our purpose is to provide a memory of the events of the ministries of FBCD by audio or visual.  Audio is responsible for any sound for the event (microphone, music, Power Point, or cd).  Video is responsible for recording the event on DVD of any approved program.

Chairperson: Chris Harris Jr.

Bible Institute
Our purpose is to provide effective biblical teachings and classes for the perfecting of the saints and the edifying of the Body of Christ.

Chairperson: Lyndell Lewis
Vice-Chairperson: Vernetta Alston

Boy Scouts
Our purpose is to build character, to develop fitness, to foster productive citizenship, and to instill an appreciation for the great outdoors.

Chairperson: Chris Harris, Sr.
Vice-chairperson: Chris Harris, Jr.

Our purpose is to provide God's blessings of food to those in the community in need.

Chairperson: Elijah Denson
Vice-Chairperson: John Leigh


Child Development Center (833-7261)

Our purpose is to provide daycare services to our community at a reasonable price, to help young children to be better prepared for life, and to provide informal activities that will help prepare young children for life and future learning.

Director: Harriet Holmes-Gooch

Cynthia Champagne-Walker

Debra Glover
Regina Harris
Ruth Hill
Cheryl Holmes-McKnight


Children's Church Leadership Team - (Suggested Ages 5 - 12)
Our purpose is to provide a service of worship and activities to help young children develop an awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the worship service and the significance of God's creation.

Chairperson:  Sharon Akins
Vice-Chairperson:  Sabrina Boxton

Children's Ministry
Our purpose is to develop and strengthen the spiritual growth within our children and to help the children to know their place in the Body of Christ.

Chairperson:  Mattea Atkins

Church Anniversary Team 
Our purpose is to plan, implement and oversee the church anniversary celebration to make sure that it will be a memorable occasion for the body of First Baptist Church Denbigh.

Deacons Ministry Chairperson                   Minister of Music
Deaconess Ministry Chairperson                Trustees Ministry Chairperson
Greeters Ministry Chairperson                   Usher Ministry Chairperson
Leadership Ministry Representative           History Ministry Chairperson

Church  School
Our purpose is to plan and conduct an effective biblical teaching ministry to all members of the congregation.

Chairperson: Adolph Eppinger
Vice-Chairperson: Aaron Webb

 Wednesday Night Bible Study 
Sharon Akins (Elementary, 3rd - 4th grade)
Mark Dozier (Middle School, 5th - 8th grade)
Henry & Delora Nixon (High School, 9th grade & above)

Sunday School
* denotes primary teachers

Preschool 3-5 years & Kindergarten, 1st - 3rd grade – Room 103

Nakia Cruz

Elementary, Middle & High School (4th - 12th grade) – Room 111
Flossie Scott

Phyllis Jones

Valla Oliver

Adolph Eppinger

Miguel Figueroa

Young Adults (post high school & singles up to 25 years old) – Room 106
Jaymorle Ingram

Adults – Room 100
Millie Stephenson*
William T. Berry Jr.

Adults – Room 102
George Jackson*
Roy Carswell

Adults – Room 108
George Tillerson*
Eric Jackson

Adults – Room 110

Thomas Myers*
Lonnie Chamblee

Adults – Room 112
Jacqueline Sessoms*
Betty Ware

Conference Team
Our purpose is to assist with the planning, organizing, and implementing of all First Baptist Church Denbigh's conferences inside and outside of the church as well as ensure that the conferences are conducted decently and in order by all ministries of the church.

Christian Education Chairperson
Children Ministry Chairperson
Leadership Ministry Representative
Men's Ministry Chairperson

Women's Ministry Chairperson
Youth Ministry Chairperson

Couples Ministry
Our purpose is to promote Christian growth among married couples according to biblical truths, to promote spiritual growth by interacting with other ministries, to address concerns involving married couples, to implement programs to enhance and apply the biblical truths, to promote attendance of married couples at functions, professional and educational programs inside and outside of the church, and to provide cohesiveness within the church body.

Chairperson: Tommie Canty
Chairperson: Ann Canty
Vice-Chairperson: Henry Nixon
Vice-Chairperson: Delora Nixon

Our purpose is to provide creative dramatizations to enhance the spiritual and educational growth of the church and to support other ministries in their special drama presentations.

Chairperson: Tameka Jordan
Vice-Chairperson: Doris Zeigler

Our purpose is to make every member aware of our church history and to keep the church's history current, factual, and relevant. We also provide historical data to any church member, organization, or anniversary committee.

Chairperson: Mary Godfrey
Vice-Chairperson: Ada Moore
Vice-Chairperson: Shirley Cheeseman

Our purpose is to provide a variety of resources to contribute to the Christian growth, education, and development of "every child and adult" with the hope of enriching their individual lives.

Chairperson: Lilpena Marble
Vice-Chairperson: Gail Thomas

Music  Ministry 
Our purpose is to sing and glorify God while spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through songs.

Minister of Music: Anthony Witherspoon
Pianist: Arlisa Powell

Choir Leaders 
Male Chorus: Tyler Kelley
Mass Choir: Kim Wilson
Young Adult: Robert Glover
Youth/Children: Gladys Randolph

New Member's Class
Our purpose is to teach the basic truths about the Christian Life and to orient new members in the following areas: accept, declare, grow in, enjoy in, study in, and share in the New Life.

Chairperson: Harriet Holmes-Gooch
Vice-Chairperson: Michelle Rogers
Vice-Chairperson: Cheryl Williams

Our purpose is to convey news items, viewpoints, and events of First Baptist Church Denbigh.


Our purpose is to bring to the church a list of officers to be elected at the annual church meeting and to nominate persons to fill any vacancies that occur during the year.

Chairperson: Joan Austin

Vice-Chairperson: Henry Nixon

Our purpose is to provide a safe and peaceful worship environment for worshipers and guests.

Chairperson: Mark Dozier
Vice-Chairperson: Cynthia Davis

Teachers Academy Team
To equip teachers and prospective teachers with a variety of ways to effectively impart the Word of Truth to masses for winning souls and making disciples.

Christian Education
Sunday School
Child Development Center and Academy

Our purpose is to develop, design, and maintain FBCD's website.

Chairperson: Eric Scott

Vacation Bible School (VBS)
Our purpose is to teach Bible principles relative to today's world to nursery to adult age groups.

Conference Team

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